Thoughts of England

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Thoughts of England


W Richardson 1943



White chalk cliffs that face the sea,

Quiet fields, dale and lea.

Murky towns all wreathed in smoke,

Slack pit-head, coal and coke.

Open moors that stretch for miles,

Hawthorn hedges, gates and stiles.

Foggy London's noisy streets,

Countless pairs of scurrying feet.

Chicken farms and mooing cows,

Bleating sheep; and snorting sows.

Office girls sit reading novels,

Dating back to Dukes and Vassals.

Slow old trains and sleepy stations,

Seaside resorts and Spa locations.

Windermere and Old Scafell,

Heather hills and soft green dells.

Whirring trams and baler's wagons,

Winding roads and ancient taverns,

Yorkshire pudding and cottage cheese,

Imported meat from overseas.

These and countless other things are England.




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