The Stevedore's Swing

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The Stevedore's Swing


Norman Colley

(Kobe House)


Swing is the thing,

Yes, swing is the thing.

S.W.I.N.G. is the thing.

Now young Miss Blues met Mr Rhythm,

And they got together with this marriage thing,

And to the happy union

One fine morning in Spring

A lovely baby was born called Swing

In dancing it became the latest craze

The Bands played it in many different ways

It even reached Kobe where it was the latest thing

And the Horyos named it 'The Stevedore's Swing.


It's The Stevedore's Swing, the very latest thing,

Yatse, Dock I Nai I De [pronounced Yat- say-dock-I-Ny-day]

The Stevedore's Swing, makes you want to sing

Hai Diggy Dock Hai Nai

Without that rhythm, you can't work with 'em,

You know - without it you can't do a thing,

It's the Stevedore's Swing, the very latest thing,

Kore Wanchai Piggy Jai Nai I De.


All the boys get in the swing,

with bags of satoo [sugar] do the highland fling,

All the Archers [green archers or foremen] begin to sing,

Yoroshi Jai Nai to the Stevedore's swing,

Jeffers is the Rhythm King

Charlie makes those cymbals ring

Willie whips his whistle out and we all sing,

Yoroshi Jai Nai to the Stevedore's swing.


Down at Takies where the looters go,

Mitsubishi and Kobe Go,

What earns you that small brown ring ?

Brother you've guessed it, the Stevedore's swing.

Even down at Toyo Steel

The Piggy women do the Scottish Reel

At Showa Denki the boys all sing

Those black eyed babies do the Stevedore's swing. 





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