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Road to USA

Based on Kipling“s; “On the Road to Madalay”

Written by

J.W. “Ramp” Bowen, Bdr R.A.

(Fepow Shamshuipo and Kobe House, Japan)


By a dirty looking warehouse looking Eastwards to the West,

There“s another filthy warehouse that became a Soldiers rest.

Go a little closer in son, look into the yard,

That“s not an ape you see there, it“s the sergeant of the Guard.

Inside those dreary portals we had to sit and pray

For an Allied ship, and a pleasant trip,

On the road to U.S.A.


On the road to U.S.A. down in San Francisco Bay,

You can smell the Hot Dogs frying when the wind blows out this way.

And if we land at Seattle,

How those knives will rattle,

For there won“t be any Rice-balls on the Road to U.S.A.


When the battle“s done in Europe and Hitler“s day is done,

A swarm of Allied warships will sail for the Rising Sun.

Then this shower of shite, will then have to gight,

And meet a quick defeat, and Tojo in his diving suit,

Will review the Nippon Fleet.

Then it“s San Fairy Anne to Strawberry Chans,

Farewell to ahing feet,

On the road to U.S.A.


On the road to U.S.A. when we draw our first week“s pay,

We can smoke half a fag and throw the rest away.

When our scrounging days are over, and our hungry days are past,

We shall see some fried eggs on a plate, instead of on a mast,

We can close down all our rackets,

And we won“t need our life jackets,

On the road to U.S.A.


We will sing a happy chorus, as we march out through the door,

And write and tell the Japanese where to sticvk their Iron Ore.

Then we“ll leave this land of tears behind, and head out to the sea,

Where the Stewards will wake us every morn, with cups of steaming tea.

And we“ll lie in bed all day and dream, of the happy days to be,

On the road to U.S.A.


Ont road to U.S.A. - if they send us back that way,

When the folks see ther how we eat, they“ll ask us not to stay.

Then we go to Southampton, with a big brass band to greet us,

All the Pompay Ladies will be on the docks to meet us,

My girl-friend never would before, but now I think she oughta,

I can“t do any damage now, I“ve only got Rice Water,

And anyhow, she“ll have to pay for the lovely things I bought her,

On the road through the U.S.A.




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