A Prisoners Prayer

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A Prisoners Prayer


Maurice Rooney



Be with me God, comfort my night

Till the dawn break, then help me to fight

Stay by my side through a day that is long

Give me the courage to be resolute and strong.


Its not I'm a coward, afraid of a fight

Of a future thats bleak with little or no light

But its hard on my own to cope with this strife

And I often need help to continue my life.


I’m just a poor soul a mother bore

A simple man, nothing more

So God of strength and gentleness

Help me to be at least that, nothing less.


With every breath I'll fight more and more

To survive against odds and defy death's door

Not simply to advance the human race

But to witness the joy in a mother's face.


But help me God should my end be near

To mock the haggard face of fear

And if I die, let me do so with trust

My soul may triumph in the dust.




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