If Winter Comes

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If Winter Comes

Written and sung by Corporal Frank (Flo) Florence, Kobe House, Japan, 1943-45.


Swallows may fly to the South,

Leaving their nests by the wall,

Winds may grow chill on the crest of the hill,

The last rose of Summer may fall

Friends who grow old may forget,

Leaving your heart with its pain,

But the one love, that's true, will be waiting for you,

Till swallows fly northward again.


If winter comes with bitter driving hail,

If winter comes with storms across your trail,

Don't sit and dream of the days gone by,

When hearts were young and hopes were high.

If Winter comes with bitter hail and snow,

And there is frost on the pane-then

Just trudge along with a smile and a song,

Summer will come again.




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