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Prayer of a Fepow





You know Lord, how one has to strive

At Shamshuipo to simply survive

And how there's not too much to eat

Save rice and greens at Argyle Street.


It's not much fun when dinner comes

To find it’s boiled chrysanthemums

Nor do I like at any price

Those soft white maggots in my rice.


I hate the little hard black weevils

The dregs of grit and other evils

Dear Lord forgive that should grumble

For really I am very humble.


I am lucky to be alive at all

And thankful not to have had your call

But Lord, l think that even You

Would soon get tired of our jungle stew.


So what I really want to say

Is, if we don't soon get away

From Shamshuipo and Argyle Street,

Could we have a meat with meat.


We would of course be very grateful

For meat that's tender, a heaped-up plateful,

And it would be an extra boon

If a Red Cross parcel arrived quite soon.




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