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Maurice Rooney



We survived the war, for Singapore,

And watched comrades die in vain,

We fought hard to defend, but were forced in the end

To surrender, no victory to gain


Churchill was shocked, from his boots he was rocked

At the loss of this fortress so great.

Fight to the last man, was how the last order ran,

Then left us stranded without hope, to our fate.


Air cover was defunct, the Navy had been sunk,

Not a tank was seen in sight

Ammunition was low, fresh water ceased to flow,

How could we continue to fight.


We took the blame and bore the shame,

Through three and a half years of misery

And we who survived, could often have cried,

For our comrades who died so aimlessly.


Over fifty years has gone by, since our freedom was nigh,

The memories are not of the best,

Though they no longer taunt, they continue to haunt,

And will do so till we are laid to our rest.




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