Takanakas Little Car

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Takanaka's Little Car


Norman Colley

(Kobe House)


Now, what's the thing that' got the whole camp talking ?

What's the latest topic of the day ?

It seems that Takanaka won't be walking

When he goes around the jobs each day.

He had a small 'presento' from a guy he used to know.

And it seems this fellow must have had a ton of dough.

He's also got a Geisha-girl that he calls a Lucille

Now he can take her riding in his Chesi automobile.


Its not too big, there's room for two--

Fourteen 'flats' and a bag of 'goo'

In Takanaka's Little Car


It's so cosy and quite small

The cost of it was nowt at all

That's Takanaka's Little car.


The engine is so very good - the best you've ever seen.

It doesn't run on charcoal - no, it uses gasoline.

And when they want to oil it they use Red-Cross shaving cream

On Takanaka's Little Car.


It's about the size of a Nescafe tin.

You need an opener to get in

to Takanaka's Little Car.


The chauffeur's got a big red ring.

The driving seat's got just one spring

In Takanaka's Little Car.


It says upon the dashboard in letters large and clear,

If you weigh more than a couple of stone.

You've got no right in here.

And when you take your lady out, you can't do that there 'ere

In Takanaka's Little Car.


The horn sounds like a scalded cat,

All four tyres are nearly flat

On Takanaka's Little Car.


What's the pride of Kobe House ?

Why, it's that little mobile mouse

Called Takanaka's Little Car.


Now every week a guy comes round to empty out the bins:

He collects the fag-ends and all those other things.

They searched his bag on leaving and found among the tins

Takanaka's Little Car. 





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