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Dedicated to John


Pip Neal


Memories of Silver, Treasure Island fun,
Lazing under palm tree's beneath Pacific sun
But that was oh so long ago, amidst your happy youth.
Serving Queen and country; ignorant of truth.

Strangers come to play their games, cloaked in secret shrouds.
Pressing big red buttons, making mushroom clouds.
Comrades fly to east and west, you're left to hold the fort,
Staying longer than the rest, you don't give it a thought.

You're older now and weaker, with sadness in your heart,
Memories of yesteryear tear your bones apart.
Stumbling on the stairway, body wracked with pain.
Never ending misery driving you insane.

Doctors stand by helpless, nothing can be done.
Tragedy remembered beneath that tropic sun.
Wishing it was over as tears well in your eye
You sit alone and quietly, hoping that you'll die.




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