No Hand To Hold

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No Hand To Hold


B.O Miller



When I die there will be no hymns to sing

No dirges, laments or the muffled bell's ring

You can lift up your heart to your God on high

But we'll never forget when he passed us by.


Imprisoned in a Jungle green

The forgotten, as unknown, unseen

We lived in abeyance as death ate its fill

At the blazing pyres on Cholera Hill.


What bonds were blasted when losing a friend

When from disease and despair, came the inevitable end

And while others found favour by the Saviour's whim

We waited and watched as our lives grew dim.


Swamped by the misery, the grief and the pain

We hoped in your mercy, you'd call out our name

We sang of your glory and begged to be heard

We prayed and we pleaded but never a word.


We swore as we floundered in a pit of despair

We'd obey whoever, or whatever may care

With our need so great we'd grasped all help that came

But nothing was found in the Almighty's name


No hereafter for me reflecting injoy

My soul was for sale, my sins for employ

Came a chance to survive no need to atone

The Devil gave me his hand, you didn't offer your own.




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