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Laughing Boy

Song by

Trumpeter Arthur Smith


`Kinkaseki“ POW Camp Taiwan 1942


Laughing Boy you're all the world to me

After all its you that's got the key,

You're the worker's idol,

And your face we long to see,

If you lend a listening ear,

You'll hear each workers plea


1st Refrain

I want you to be Laughing Boy

What the rest couldn't be Laughing Boy

I have put all my faith and hopes on you

To do all the things the others cannot do

So when you go to the store Laughing Boy

And you open the door Laughing boy

And you see all the Tea, BullyBeef, M & V

Don't forget about me Laughing Boy.


2nd Refrain

Down the mine every day Laughing Boy

For an issue I pray Laughing Boy

Will you show me you care

And please answer my prayer

And bring those keys down the stairs Laughing Boy





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