A Child Soldiers Mother

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A Child Soldier's Mother

"The son goes to war and the mother hears no more"


Mary Michael

(Daughter of a Fepow)

He was a child before he went to War
A son, a brother with a lot to live for
He went to school to learn to read and write
That's before he was taught to be a soldier and fight

He had a mother, father, sisters and brothers
Aunts, uncles and cousins amongst so many others
Life was full with the job of growing up
Totally unaware that a war was about to erupt

Who does know what the future does hold
About which so many tales will be told
Enjoy the innocence of being a child
With memories of being unruly and wild

Be a good son to your father and mother
And to their children be a big brother
For when you grow up and home do leave
The rest of your family is going to grieve

For your country wants you to serve
With courage and a whole lot of nerve
In a far off country so forlorn
Nothing like home and the land you were born

You long for the past your mother's soft touch
And you surely don't like this war very much
Memories of family and a much better time
Long before you came a prisoner of no crime

Your family long for news of your fate
Won't have that until a much later date
Taken a prisoner by those who don't care
And this information they will refuse to share

Your mother for your safety will pray
Her thoughts and worry making her gray
Not knowing or hearing with nothing to say
Just coping and hoping for a much better day

Her son is missing and that's all she knows
A fear in her heart relentlessly grows
The pain of not knowing takes it toil
As her son is a prisoner of war on a faraway soil

Her oldest son was sent off to war
Following him, two more
Leaving behind a mother to worry and fret
Hoping for the peace she will not yet get




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