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    We're fed the food of a diet

    Thatīs enough to cause a riot

    There's no choice but to try it

    It's simply plain boiled rice RICE.


    It's the regular daily winner

    For breakfast tea and dinner

    It would make a Saint a sinner

    To eat three meals of RICE.


    They can boil it and bake it

    Grind it, mould it or fake it

    But no matter how they make it

    It's still damned RICE.


    They could do better if they tried

    For a change of diet we've cried

    We'd settle for egg and bacon fried

    Instead of this blasted RICE.


    When we wake up in the morning

    And do the usual yawning

    The 'runs' start without warning

    When you're fed with too much RICE.


    Whether you're Arthritic or athletic

    A chronic diabetic

    It really gets pathetic

    When for every meal it's RICE.


    Ladies, when this war is over

    Bells will ring from York to Dover

    But if you want to live in clover

    Don't serve up RICE.


    Our days will be quite palmy

    When we've finally left this army

    And to keep us from going barmy

    Don't mention RICE.




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