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The Hill On Taiwan


Trumpeter Arthur Smith



There's a hill on Taiwan

That looks out across the sea.

Where hero's graves with names thereon,

Forever frown on me.

Our comrades tie within thy breast

On yonder mountain steep,

Unafllicted, unoppressed

They sleep the blessed sleep.


Blow gentle winds I ask of thee

Upon their simple graves,

Be quiet! thou angry sea

Disturb not Britain's brave,

Oh willows droop thy heads and weep

Oh vagrants softly Head,

Disturb thou not the blessed sleep

Of Britain's glorious dead.


Oh frowning hill out in the East

The story shall be told.

Of those who lie in stalely rest

Within thy bosom cold,

Has not thy hunger been appeased

With a hundred souls or more,

Upon them thou has quickly seized

Why hunger thou for more.


Oh frowning hill I'll see you still

When I am far away.

When shadows fall I'll oft recall

These dark and gloomy days,

When we began thy assent steep

Bereaved and sore distressed,

To lay our comrades down to sleep

Within thy rugged breast.




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