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Changi Stew


John Clement



I've tasted stews in Blighty

And in India where it's hot,

But the stew they make in Changi

Is the daddy of the lot:

Changi stew - what a brew !

T'would shake you if you only knew

What's in that Changi Stew.


There's weeds they've taken from the garden

And there's little bits of grass.

Banana skin, potato peel,

Most anything will pass

Oh that stew - what a brew!

They're not too sure it's good For you.

But it's all in that Changi Slew.


Papayas, yams and tapioca

Everything is put in the pot,

There's things you've never seen before

And rather wished you'd not

What a brew - what a hue!

The taste and smell is awful too

We hate this Changi Stew.


The chap who ladles out the stew

He really has the knack.

When finding the odd small piece of meat

To quickly put it back

Into the stew - and it's true

There's not a bit of meal to chew

In that Changi Stew.


They say there'll be improvements

Now the messing funds are due,

And we'll all have lots of M & V

In our Changi Stew.

I know what I’ll do, if it's true

 I’ll be the first one in the queue

To get my Changi Stew.




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