Yellow Treachery

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Yellow Treachery


John Lane

(Kobe House)


We are six hundred

Who through the very jaws of death.

And through the fiery mouth of hell,

Exist in silent hopefulness that all our breath be spared to tell

the world of yellow treachery.


We played our part.

Through boastful fort that failed to stand,

Through sickening lack of promised aid,

Heartbreaking humiliation - diminished food, the price we paid

for unheeding yellow treachery.


How long the night ?

How many years must be the winter of the wait ?

Needs slavery be borne till madness does cessate ?

And yet still grows the vision of some summer's liberate

from all of yellow treachery.


The time will come.

When from this enigmatic land,

We'll leave for home - O wondrous day,

And being there, we shall demand, What price they pay ?

for cruel, yellow treachery. 





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