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Grave Unknown


 Ron Taylor


Why am I still lying here?

Beneath my shelter of green

The sounds of unknown birds above my head

Although faded, I recall the promise made

When they placed the makeshift cross on my bed

Did my mates forget or did they perish too

With their promise fading away as it was said


Nestled alongside my body

Lies a reminder of my passed,

It has slipped from the pocket where it was kept,

Fond memories of time long passed,

Of the women who beside me once slept,

The new born cradled in her arms,

The greeting hand I have never met.


Lying in a corner a silver coin like new

A reminder of a Christmas long ago,

A silver horseshoe from a wedding cake,

A silver ribbon in a bow,

A key to keep my treasures safe

In this unknown ground in which they were sown.


Am I forgotten ?

Did I die in vain ?

How many mates lie beneath this soil ?

Will we lie together, someday to meet again ?

Sharing memories of time long ago,

Please why am I still lying here ?





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