Guns of Peace

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The Guns of Peace




The guns are silent now And the war is done.

Come then our rescuers, come

With your flags and ribbons,

The pretty playthings nations give

To the side that won.


The war is over now;

I should rejoice,

For I am young - was young.

Until these years advanced

With all their fanfares to the victory,

Forgetting me.


Now I must march again,

Join the new battle

And brave the guns of peace.

Ah, Soldier, there is no surrender there,

No hasty truce at hand to still that strife,

No stretcher-bearers gathering our dead hopes,

No prayers to offer for our little deaths in life.


The earth is quiet now,

And the sun and sky

Beckon unchanging to the sunless,

Must we emerge? Aye, soldier, aye,

There at the gate stands freedom,

Here stand 1.




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