For My Dad

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For My Dad
"one of the many who gave so much and asked so little"


 Mary Michael


You were a grown-up
And I was a child

You experienced much horror
Before the child was around

You suffered much loss and pain
Long before the child ever came

You were a young man sent to war
The child didn't know the horrors you saw

You were in a strange land
And the child didn't understand

You suffered so much sickness
And the child suffered too

You had the worst nightmares and dreams
And the child woke up scared and with screams

You never forgot
The child didn't know what

You took your secrets to the grave
And to the child no memories gave

You were a Hero
And the child didn't know

You were my Dad
And I was your daughter

You were a World War Two Jap Prisoner of War
And now both the child and daughter understand more

You paid the price too high the cost
For both father and child too much was lost

I am a child no more
But unknowing carried the scars you wore

And have found the more I learn, the more I heal
Now not pain but understanding do feel

So rest in peace, with love from me
Because now finally we both are free




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