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Dedication to all Those Who Fought abd Suffered in the War Against Japan


Arthur Lane


Lonely are the graves in many tropic lands
Thousands of victims slaughtered by alien bloodied-hands
Bodies ravaged, disease ridden or beheaded
Gallant in adversity, sword scorned not dreaded

Like a thief in the night, with cunning and stealth
Armies of rapacious soldiers struck, coveting other nations wealth
With hordes of Japanese screaming banzais to their Mikado's hallowed name
Swords decapitated, bayonets stabbed, slaughtering all without shame

Peaceful countries shocked, caught unaware
Then brutalised, intimidated, terrorised with fear
These pagan sons of heaven, numerous as locust swarms
Capturing, raping, cannibalising, ignoring all civilised norms

Terror-camp guards crushing the will to fight
Contemptuous of life and precious human rights
A scourge across nations with the chill touch of death
Torturing and maiming victims to their very last breath

Prisoners squeezed into pig-baskets then thrown to sharks in the sea
Their one crime being, trying to remain free
These sons of hell - no apology here
Thriving on murder, rape, hardship and fear.

Billions they stole, where it is one might ask,
But against the duplicity, it would be a hopeless task
Helpless boys imprisoned bestialized in their prime
Just another Jap atrocity of specialised crime

Forced labour camps, hell holes of sadistic abuse
Guarded by morons with heavy clubs, so expert in their use
Then came the special bombs with a capital A
They stopped the horror and bloodshed, in a most profound way

Generations have passed since that war most sordid
But only the Japanese -not their victims were covertly rewarded
Collusion and conspiracy, preventing lawful claims
War crimes absolved, human rights abuses disclaimed

With many war victims deprived and abandoned to fate
Their compassion denied, for many already too late
The Emperor again exalted, his country recovered and strong
What price justice for a nation, that profited from doing wrong.?




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