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FEPOW Day took place on Saturday August 14th this year as the venue was not available on the 15th.  It was held in the evening and perhaps because people are used to going out to a movie on a Saturday night, the crowd was larger than in previous years, in fact the largest ever with nearly 50 people present.

As usual the Society had a few items from the POW museum collection for the visitors to look at to enable them to learn a little more of what life was like for the POWs who were held in Taiwan.

The evening started off with a short memorial service in honour of the FEPOWs. Following this the film To End All Wars was shown and everyone was moved by the story. Below are photos that tell the story of this year’s FEPOW Day. We look forward to another great event next year.



Part of the POW Artefact Display

The Largest Turnout Ever




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