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Jonathan - Malayan Volunteers Group

A beautiful day with absolutely no sign of rain.

Various things happening: some 15 of our Malayan Volunteers Group kindly joined by Simon and Linda held a 20 minutes service at the garden plot with prayers and readings contributed by those participating. A very appropriate reading from Corinthians 2:1 well worth looking up - about experiencing hard times 'in Asia.'

We followed our service with a substantial picnic lunch.

RAF FEPOW Jack Plant was also around and placed his wreath at the Sumatra Railway plot.

Much work going on in the FEPOW Archive - I guess those going on Sunday will have a good day but perhaps not the good weather we had!

A well known politician was 'doing' the NMA yesterday - not exactly an informal visit; more 'Presidential.' He spent some time in the FEPOW Building.

Hope Glasgow went well. Sorry Alistair couldn't make it.

best wishes Jonathan


Simon Moss

Spent Friday 15th at the NMA with my wife and our 14yr old son and school friend. Would partically like to thank the Malayan Volunteers for letting us join their service and especially for supplying all the food for the picnic lunch afterwards. The homemade food was a treat and the cheese sticks brought back fond memories of childhood. As time goes by I treasure the time spent with surviving fepows and VJDay is the day you know you will meet them,chatting and joking with them we celebrate the end of the war and their freedom.

Returned on Sunday 17th the Remembrance chapel was full for the eleven o'clock service with many joining the service outside. Then proceeded to the Fepow memorial where a short service was followed by the last post. Made new friends and met old ones, quite a few fepows in attendance.

Had the pleasure of meeting Jack 88 of the 1st Cambrigeshires and his wife from Woodditton near Newmarket, a right pair of characters whose stories brightened the day and brought out the sunshine.

If Fepow day is the day we of the fepow family meet and chat, and Remember I think this weekend was just about perfect. We laughed with the fepows and as I stood with Tom Mckie, who survived the Mergui Road where my uncle died, we remembered those who didn't make it home.

Kind Regards Simon,Lynda and William.





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