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 FEPOW Day is a special day that has been set aside around the world to remember all those who were held as Japanese prisoners of war during World War II. Once again this year we celebrated FEPOW Day in Taiwan – this time on Saturday August 15th.  About 30 of our members and supporters took this opportunity to join us in remembering and paying tribute to those who suffered – and those who died as POWs in Taiwan, for the freedom we now enjoy.

The event was similar to last year, with a POW and military artefact exhibition, a short Remembrance Service, the showing of the POW film Paradise Road, followed by a time for discussion and learning about the FEPOWs over refreshments.

We are happy with the success of this second FEPOW Day event and look forward to continuing to share the story of the FEPOWs here in Taiwan in the years to come. See you in 2010!




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