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Fepow Day

Painting by Jack Chalker


FEPOW Remembrance Day

This site has been set up to promote August 15th as a day of remembrance for all those who were held as Japanese Prisoners of War during World War II, whatever nationality, colour or religion, whether service personnel, civilian or romusha.


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The Naked Isle is written and sung by Jim Rowlands in remembrance of his grandfather Albert Owen Rowlands from the 600 gunners party. The Japanese reported that the ship carrying the prisoners was lost at sea after leaving Singapore, which is known as the Naked Isle.

It wasn’t till after the war the truth was found when a large mass grave was found on Ballali Island, the Japanese had used 517 of the fittest to construct a runway on Ballali Island leaving the sick at Rabaul, then when finished those of the 517 remaining left alive were massacred by the Japanese.

436 bodies were exhumed on Ballali Island, those remaining of the 517 are believed to have died before the massacre and buried on the island.

The date of death given by the Commonwealth War Graves is the 5th March 1943 for those who died on Ballali Island, the correct date is not known.


VJ Day (FEPOW Day) Commemorations 2015

Great Yarmouth FEPOW Memorial

Due to my fathers beliefs we made sure we missed the service but the laid the wreath with three others, British Legion, Norfolks and Great Yarmouth.


The FEPOW Family wreath is the furthest forward, at the front.

We met some folk and had a long chat which made the day real and opened more doors for FEPOW stories.



Tribute at Kanchanaburi-tn

Tribute at Kanchanaburi

Images supplied courtesy of Michael Nellis


All the articles within FEPOW Day are here to help the FEPOW cause and are not ‘Public Domain’.

Permission must be obtained before their use.


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FEPOW Day Appeal
Win Rainer
(Wife of a Fepow)

I am so pleased that the FEPOW themselves are responding to the FEPOW Remembrance Day.

The coming together of these courageous men,  can only add to that feeling of belonging. The much needed peace where memories are as strong as if it were only yesterday BLESS THEM!! And may they now find tranquillity.

My Very Best Wishes to each and every one of them


To you all in high command I appeal

A remembrance day for the FEPOW to seal

For those gallant men who didn’t return

The atrocities of war, they were to learn

Young lads who hadn’t left home before

Knew nothing of the tragedy that was in store

Valiantly! They stood their backs against the wall

Knowing only cruelty before they were to fall

Grant them their recognition !

It’s their right after all.


 May their memory live on and remain with us forever.

Win Rainer - (Wife of a Fepow)



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